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All Products7inchReggaeEarly Reggae 1969-1973Alexander Henry
All ProductsStudio One / Coxosone's prod. : 7"Singles
Alexander Henry - Please Be True (Coxsone 2nd)
Format : 7inch
Artist : Alexander Henry / Sound Dimension
Title : Please Be True / Version
Label : Coxsone 2nd
Rhythm track : Please Be True
Grade : VG/HWOL/HLD>>see record gradings
Price : Sold Out!
Genre : Early Reggae 1969-1973
Produced by : CS Dodd
Approx. year : 1969
Music Type : Vocal / Version
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Item(s) in Genre : 'Early Reggae 1969-1973'
Little Roy - Scrooge (Camel UK)
 Early Reggae 1969-1973
Little Roy
Camel UK
Price Down!!¥1150 (US$11.29)
Justin Hinds - Oh What A Feeling (TR103-A) (Blank-UK)
 Early Reggae 1969-1973
Justin Hinds
Oh What A Feeling (...
Price Down!!¥660 (US$6.48)
Professionals - Desperate Love (Reflections)
 Early Reggae 1969-1973
Desperate Love
Price Down!!¥1080 (US$10.61)
Roy Shirley, Altyman Reid - A Sugar (Impact-Pre)
 Early Reggae 1969-1973
Roy Shirley, Altyma...
A Sugar
¥980 (US$9.62)
Item(s) in Artist : 'Alexander Henry'
Alexander Henry - Please Be True (Coxsone)
 Early Reggae 1969-1973
Alexander Henry
Please Be True
¥1600 (US$15.71)
Item(s) in Label : 'Coxsone 2nd'
Jackie Opel, Doreen - Vow (Coxsone 2nd)
Jackie Opel, Doreen
Coxsone 2nd
¥9800 (US$96.24)
John Holt - A Love I Can Feel (Coxsone 2nd)
 Early Reggae 1969-1973
John Holt
A Love I Can Feel
Coxsone 2nd
¥3500 (US$34.37)
Jackie Opel - Mabelle (Coxsone 2nd)
 Mento, Calypso, Trad.
Jackie Opel
Coxsone 2nd
¥3800 (US$37.32)
Don Drummond - Further East (Coxsone 2nd)
Don Drummond
Further East
Coxsone 2nd
¥1860 (US$18.27)
Item(s) on Rhythm track : 'Please Be True'
Ringo - Balarena (Greedy Puppy)
 Dancehall 1979-1984
Greedy Puppy
¥470 (US$4.62)
Scotty - Lovely Lady (World A Music International)
 Dancehall 1985-1989
Lovely Lady
World A Music Inter...
¥580 (US$5.70)
Collin Roach - Please Be True (Power Force)
 Dancehall: Jugglin '90-'94
Collin Roach
Please Be True
Power Force
Price Down!!¥420 (US$4.12)
Ringo - Frankinstine (Greedy Puppy)
 Dancehall 1979-1984
Greedy Puppy
¥240 (US$2.36)
Item(s) on Producer : 'CS Dodd'
Delroy Wilson - Conquer Me (Coxsone 2nd)
 Rock Steady
Delroy Wilson
Conquer Me
Coxsone 2nd
¥2660 (US$26.12)
Jimmy James - Jump Children (R & B UK)
 Mento, Calypso, Trad.
Jimmy James
Jump Children
R & B UK
¥2800 (US$27.50)
Skatalites - Guns Of Navarone (Coxsone 2nd)
Guns Of Navarone
Coxsone 2nd
¥4800 (US$47.14)
Roy Richards - Freedom Blues (Coxsone 2nd)
 Early Reggae 1969-1973
Roy Richards
Freedom Blues
Coxsone 2nd
¥3800 (US$37.32)
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