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¥900 (US$8.19)
listen Baron - Severe Licking / Too LateAntillana US1971EX-
¥20000 (US$182.00)
listen Caribs - Caribbean Capers With The CaribsTrade Winds1964LP=EX- CVR=VG++/SD
¥1800 (US$16.38)
listen Cecil B, Carribbean Exiles - Fam Mai / Part 2Carifta UK197-EX-
Price Down!!¥1010 (US$9.19)
listen Dianne Thomas - People To Remember / Leh Me GoAntillana US1974EX+/SLD
¥2100 (US$19.11)
listen Ed Watson - Heart Of A Child / Never NeverNational1968EX-
¥2700 (US$24.57)
listen George Symonette, Goombay Sextette - Calypso And Goombay RhythmsBahama1955LP=VG+ CVR=EX-/SD/WOS/SOS
¥750 (US$6.83)
listen Hawk - Handy Man / Miss Big MouthStraker's US1975EX
Price Down!!¥750 (US$6.83)
listen Hawk - Handy Man / Miss Big MouthStraker's US1975EX
¥1010 (US$9.19)
listen Hawk - Trinidad / CarnivalStraker's US197-EX
¥3600 (US$32.76)
listen Invaders Steel Orchestra - Harmony In SteelRCA1963LP=EX--/STAIN CVR=EX-/SD/STAMP
¥900 (US$8.19)
listen Jenny Pakeera - Happy Holiday / Rainey WonderlandJuba1977EX/SLD
¥1320 (US$12.01)
listen Jimmy Carroll - Speed The Parting GuestCook US1953LP=M- CVR-EX+/SPSE
¥1010 (US$9.19)
listen Joe Ettienne - I'll Take You Back / I Miss YouRA1981M-
¥5800 (US$52.78)
listen Joey Lewis, Orchestra - Brass Like FireStraker's US196-LP=EX/stain CVR=EX-
¥5800 (US$52.78)
listen Joey Lewis, Orchestra - More Carnival Hits AgainStraker's US196-LP=EX-/stain CVR=EX-/SD
¥5800 (US$52.78)
listen Joey Lewis, Orchestra - Plays Yuh Cyar GetStraker's US196-LP=EX-/stain CVR=VG+/SD
¥1350 (US$12.29)
listen King Short Shirt - Nobody Go Run Me / Tourist LeggoWeed Beat1976EX-/SLD
¥5880 (US$53.51)
listen King Sparrow - In High FidelityCook1963LP=EX+ CVR=EX+/WOS
¥1800 (US$16.38)
listen King Vup - Lie Down Girl / Instromental VersionClocktower US1974EX+/SOC
Price Down!!¥1120 (US$10.19)
listen King Wellington - Jivin' Me Around / Pretty GirlsPlek US1973EX B:LD
¥7400 (US$67.34)
listen Little Carib Theatre Drummers - Drums Of TrinidadCook1956LP=EX- CVR=EX-/SD/SOS/HSPSE
¥2130 (US$19.38)
listen Lloyd Simmons, Hubert Smith Jr Esso Steel Band - Bermuda HoneymoonCook US1958LP=EX/HARD ACI CVR=EX-/SD/SOS
Price Down!!¥900 (US$8.19)
listen Lord Bitterbush - Carnival / VersionStraker's US197-EX
¥1010 (US$9.19)
listen Lord Bitterbush - Carnival / VersionStraker's US197-EX+
¥1010 (US$9.19)
listen Lord Funny - Rubbish / Bowling AlleyAntillana1974EX+
¥1010 (US$9.19)
listen Lord Kitchener - Republic Dance / Pnm MarchTrinidad1977EX+
¥1050 (US$9.56)
listen Lord Kitchener - Republic Dance / Pnm MarchTrinidad1977EX-
¥830 (US$7.55)
listen Lord Kitchener - Republic Dance / Pnm MarchTrinidad1977EX/SLD
Price Down!!¥3900 (US$35.49)
listen Lord Melody - Again! Lord Melody Sings CalypsoCook1959LP=VG CVR=VG-/SOS/SD/WOS/HSPSE
¥1350 (US$12.29)
listen Lord Melody - Ugly Calypso Rose / Tar BabyPresident1972EX-
¥1350 (US$12.29)
listen Lord Nelson - King Liar / Big ManRichie's Music US1977EX/EW
Price Down!!¥1590 (US$14.47)
listen Lord Short Shirt - Jamming TightStraker's US197-LP=EX+ CVR=EX-
¥2850 (US$25.94)
listen Lord Valentino - Dis Place Nice / Rass Mass 75Straker's US1975VG+/WOL
¥750 (US$6.83)
listen Merchant - Um Ba Yao / Let No man JudgeKalinda1978EX+/SLD
¥670 (US$6.10)
listen Merrymen - Coffee Tea And You / I Want To Love YouMerry Disc197-EX B:SLD
¥2130 (US$19.38)
listen Mexican Corridos - Mexican CorridosFolkways 10" US1966LP=EX+ CVR=EX--/SD/water damage
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