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Twice My AgeText by Dub Store Sound Inc.
A massive combination hit song by Shabba Ranks and Krystal. Another prominent rhythm / song of the 80's dancehall produced by Augustus Gussie Clarke.
Twice My Age
Original Cut Krystal, Shabba Ranks - Twice My Age(1988)
Augustus Gussie Clarke, the producer of his Music Works label, is the one who is responsible for the popular 'Twice My Age' rhythm. He is known for his early works from 70's with many major artists but also known for his popular dancehall classics which he produced and released from his Music Works imprint.

After establishing his Music works label in the early 80's, he sucessfully presented 'Modern Dancehall' to Reggae/Dancehall audience and many of his rhythms became the foundation for the 90's Jamaican music.

One of those rhythms is 'Twice My Age' and Shabba Ranks's 'Twice My Age' became a instant hit, locally and internatinally. The song featured female singer, Krystal.

Date Added: Sep 05, 2011 / Date Updated: Sep 05, 2011
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