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Big Belly Man/AgonyText by Dub Store Sound Inc.
Following the revolutional hit of Sleng Teng rhythm in 1985, this 'Big Belly Man/Agony' was released by Jammys label in 1987.
Big Belly Man/Agony
Original Cut (1987)
In 1985, a lot of similar versions to Sleng Teng rhythm has appeared and especially Harry J produced Computer Sleng Teng rhythm became one of the most popular versions among others. However, this Sleng Teng trend started to demise by 1986 with the quick change of the Dancehall scene.

The following year, King Jammy droped 'Big Belly Man/Agony', a remake version of 'Sleng Teng' rhythm. 'Agony' by Pinchers was the first release on the rhythm and 'Big Belly Man' by Admiral Bailey followed. Latter song became smash hit and since then the rhythm has been acknowledged as 'Big Belly Man'.

Comparing ot its original 'Sleng Teng', its tempo was slowed down and sound itself was refined. Recently, the rhythm has been versioned by UK based Necessary Mayhem label and Flexitime.
Date Added: Feb 19, 2010 / Date Updated: Jul 07, 2011
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