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About []
[] mainly deals with rarities and original records as a brother shop of []. Most titles are one-off only and those available vary widely from reasonable ones to very expensive collector's items. Moreover, some essentials for record lovers such as record accessories and books are offered at the same time.

For new records, CDs, DVDs, Goods and Clothes, please visit our another online shop >>

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Dub Sore and Original Vinyls
In the spring of 1991, a young representative of Dub Store traveled to London to dig for original records. He stayed there for over 2 years and gained a more profound understanding and knowledge of records.

2 years later, he took another voyage to Kingston, Jamaica to dig more for collector's items, thereafter he started the first mail order record shop, in Japan that only deals with rarities and original records.

Periodically, he traveled to London, USA, Canada, the Caribbean Islands and discovered a huge number of top notch Collector's items. Soon, he became internationally known as one of the top dealers and helped to lay the cornerstone of the Japanese market for rarities and original records.

In 2000, he come across difficulties finding high-end items, so he expanded his business to distribute reggae products within Japan. Since then he has been distributing many CDs/Records to shops and domestic large retail stores and directly to people through the online shop []. Also managing other side businesses such as Dub Store Records and Studio One Japanese Official Agency since 2006, he has been providing overall services specialized in Reggae music.

Although he left the market for original vinyl, he has been continuing to dig for collector's items to supply to store visitors, industrial people and long time loyal customers.

In 2008, many online customers requested and demanded that Dub Store sell rarities and originals online. Now, Dub Store proudly presents our online specialist shop [] for all reggae record lovers and collectors.
Message from Dub Store
I thought it would be very nice to share some items that have been in Dub Store's stock for long time as well as sharing the true value and goodness of reggae orginal vinyls, therefore I decided to open the webshop [].

I'm not sure for how long I can continue supplying these original records, but I would be very glad if I could contribute to the market with our high-end items.

Dub Store Rerepentative Director: Naoki Ienaga
For questions for item(s) or, please email at .

PH: +81-3-3364-5261
Fax: +81-3-5348-2181

Dub Store Record Mart
7-13-5 Nishi-shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku
Tokyo 160-0023 Japan