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Help & FAQ
How Can I Change My Registered Information?
[My Page] allows you to browse your order history and edit your registered information as well as your shipping address and payment options.

*This function is only available for registered customers.
How Do I Cancel the Membership?
If you wish to cancel your membership account at, please send us an e-mail with a title "Please cancel my membership" to . After receiving the e-mail, we will cancel your membership and delete all your information from server.

※Note that any account for and can be used mutually. If you wish to continue shopping at, please do not cancel your membership for [].
How Do I Use Search Functions?
Keyword Search
Keyword(s) will be searched for in our database, unless [Artist, Title, Label, Producer, Rhythm] is specified. You can also specify [Artist, Title, Label, Producer, Riddim].

This search function should be useful when you are just browsing the website. You might also try to input more than 2 keywords for greater control of the search results.

Advanced Search
Please click on [>>Advanced Search] which is located beside Keyword Search. The boxes for [Advanced Search] will appear instead of Keyword Search.

This advanced search allows you to input [Artist, Titles, Label, Riddim] separately and specify [Format, Genre, Arrival Date] to search for certain title(s).

Refine Search
Refine Search is the search function that allows you to sort items by [Arrival Date, Format, Genre, Price].

If our catalogue is showing you too many titles, you might utilize the function to list fewer items specifically. To list all options again, just click on [back to all options] link.

[Arrival Date]
[Arrival Date] consists of [New Stock, All Products, Bargains] categories.
The following explains each category in details.
*[New Stock...] lists the items added to the website within last 4 weeks.
*[All Products...] all titles except for [New Stock..., Bargain...].
*[Bargain...] lists the items currently on a sale.

[Format] allow you to list the items by [7", 10", 12", LP, Accessories, Book, Goods, T-Shirt/Clothing].

[Genre] allow you to list the items by [Japanese Reggae, Ragga, Dancehall, Ska, Rocksteady, Reggae, Roots reggae, Dub/Instrumental, Lovers Rock, Others].